Pushing through for me and you, making tunnels in what we do, clean the house, polish a shoe all done for me and you. Watching out for the dew on the grass, time to raise another glass. Walking along hand in hand wanting to be in nether land.

Having a dream that we are a team, sit in the bath to keep us clean. Never explaining what we mean by love, like a glove that fits so snug it never comes off, however much you pull and tug. Nights by the fire on the rug wrapped in a blanket all nice and snug.

Staying awake all night long wondering what went wrong, why we were together for so long; on the radio our favourite song, we used to dance to it on nights gone. We thought we were so strong, how could we get it so wrong? Then all of a sudden, it is gone, no heart, no love, no song.


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