The River

Rushing, charging, bumbling liquid, cutting through mountain rock, stealing the natural minerals. Rolling down the valley leaves it’s source to wind it’s course like a knight on a horse. Wet, white water sandwiched in banks of lush green, picture post card scene. Cutting the valley rock by rock thousands of years through the valley it hops.

Then slowly, the might of the water diminishes as the river is calmed by the rocks, running clear across its bed. See the fish and insects swim as people paddle and soak their limbs. Children with bandy nets play on the rocks , in shorts and swim suits no shoes and socks. Pushing and splashing feet thrashing. Cold water refreshing the skin in this paradise we are in.  Sheep creeping to the waters edge, eating grass and veg. 

Woollen coats hang from their back legs to their throats ready for shearing, drinking in the clearing. Couples sit on deckchairs and blankets picnic baskets, sandwiches hand picked. Lunch by the river tranquil space. Beautiful river paradise place. Feel the cold of the water on my hands and face where the rivers slows to a gentle pace. 


Why do you kill hurt and maim, it’s not done in my name, making children die and families cry, so you can be a martyr up in the sky? Yet you are fake, you need a shake, there is no excuse to cause a wake. No motive, no greed, just false belief that makes lives so brief, you can’t justify and live a lie, why should innocents die?

Children sing and dance and have a good time, but you sir are no martyr, you just commit crime, you murder young people then kill yourself, a coward, a cheat a killer by stealth. It’s all about your beliefs and yourself, you are not worthy of death, you are like bad breath, floating away after the main play, not stopping to see the pain.

You are not insane, they have washed your brain to make you think its ok to cause death and pain, for the many people you have slain. So many times, we see this act and here the excuses how lame. But on your family, on your country and on you, you have brought only shame.